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      Erin Galway


Used to Date Ex-Roomates, friction over Erin

Scott Trystan

Tyler Wants Erin

Tyler Mifflin

    Victor Yates  
  Coach/Gymnast, Nikki Wants Vic. Coach/Gymnast Vic. wants Cara Temporary Roomates  
- Nikki Lang Milo Reynolds  
Jealous over Victor Track Rivals
|-------> Cara Bradford Dempsey Eaton
Jealous Over Dempsey (Gwen/Nikki) ----------------- Gwen Sheridan Gwen wants Dempsey, gives him drugs  


Laurie Fortier

"Cara Bradford"/Laurie Fortier:

Character Premise (from Women gymnasts normally hit their peak in their mid-teens, but Cara is so gifted, Victor still thinks she can make the 2000 Olympics. But during their intense training sessions, he will have to learn to keep his romantic feelings for her in check.

Laurie Fortier Picture Gallery

Jason Behr

"Dempsey 'Demps' Easton"/Jason Behr

Character Premise (from Dempsey was the fastest man on campus until Milo showed up, and he is not happy about losing that distinction -- and there is virtually nothing he won't do to get it back.

Jason Behr Picture Gallery

Maureen Flannigan

"Erin Galway"/Maureen Flannigan

Character Premise (from There is no more focused swimmer on campus, but a horrifying personal tragedy and her feelings for Scott, that are seemingly unrequited, could thwart her desire to win.

Maureen Flannigan Picture Gallery

Jaime Pressly

"Nikki Lang"/Jaime Pressly

Character Premise (from A member of the gold-medal winning 1996 women's gymnastic team, Nikki arrives at Cal Southern a genuine celebrity. She is Victor's assistant coach, but she has plans to renew the relationship they had in the months before the Atlanta Olympics. But if she' can't have him, she is determined that no one else will either.

Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery

Scott Gurney

"Tyler Mifflin"/Scott Gurney

Character Premise (from A freshman gymnast from the mid-west, Tyler feels very much like a fish out of water. He is jealous of the closeness between Scott and Erin and frustrated that Erin clings to her feelings for Scott despite his apparent disinterest in romance.

Scott Gurney Picture Gallery

Jacobi Wynne

"Milo Reynolds"/Jacobi Wynne

Character Premise (from He's only a freshman, but he is the fastest man on campus. He is from a tough, urban neighborhood and finds balancing that home life, with his star status at school, difficult.

Jacobi Wynne Picture Gallery

Audrey Wasilewski

"Gwen Sheridan"/Audrey Wasilewski

Character Premise not supplied by ABC.

Audrey Wasilewski Picture Gallery

Eddie Mills

"Scott Trystan"/Eddie Mills

Character Premise (from Scott won a bronze medal in swimming at the 1996 Olympics, but now he thinks he's been handed a death sentence - a case of HIV after unprotected sex with a woman during freshman orientation. Determined to keep his fears a secret, while he waits to find out the truth, he refuses to become emotionally involved with anyone, including Erin.

Eddie Mills Picture Gallery

Adam Trese

"Victor Yates"/Adam Trese

Character Premise (from The new coach of the gymnastic teams is in that position only because he sustained injuries at the Olympics in Atlanta that ended his competitive career. Only a few years older than his charges, he must find a way to earn their respect.

Adam Trese Picture Gallery

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